Quick Resto Terminal: First Steps

Quick Resto Terminal App installation on iPad

On iPad, that you plan to you as a Terminal in your restaurant, open App Store and search for ’Quick Resto Terminal’ app. Download the app.

After downloading the app, it is required to register your terminal.

Terminal registration in Back Office

  1. On iPad open the Quick Resto Terminal app.
  2. A login screen will appear. Do not enter your Back Office login and password here. In order to get Terminal registration login and password go to Enterprise > Settings in Back Office. There you will find ‘Terminal login’ and ‘Terminal password’ fields.
  3. Please enter these login and password on your iPad in corresponding fields.
  4. Entering login and password on iPad starts synchronization between Back Office and Terminal. Synchronization may last a couple of minutes. As soon as synchronization is complete, Terminal state will change to ‘Pending activation’

In Back Office go to Terminals. Select the required Terminal and click on ‘Activate’ button. A dialogue box will appear. In this dialogue box please enter the name of the Terminal and select its type.

There are two types of Quick Resto Terminals:

  • Quick Food type of Terminal is designed for restaurants without table service. This mode does not contain a table layout. After selecting Quick Food as Terminal type, a field will appear. In this field select a sales location in which the Terminal will be used. One sales location is created in Back Office by default.
  • Quick Resto type of Terminal is designed for restaurants with table service and contains interactive table layouts that can be configured in Back Office for every sales location. After selecting Quick Resto as Terminal type two additional fields will appear. In the first field select a sales location in which the Terminal will be used. In the second field select a subtype of Terminal - either cashier Terminal, with access to cash register and its operations, or waiter Terminal (without cash register access).

After filling out all the required fields click on ‘Activate’ button. Shortly after Terminal state will change to ‘Activated’.

An Employee Authorization screen will appear on Terminal. Click here to read more about employee authorization on Terminal

After entering a PIN corresponding to an employee, that needs to login, ‘Orders’ screen will appear.

Получите персональное предложение по автоматизации:

Подождите, происходит установка и настройка вашего облака.