General Information

General Information

Quick Resto is a cloud-based POS system for cafes, restaurants, bars. The system can be divided into two main components – Back Office and Front Office. Back Office is your control center, with a customizable access to all the data and work flow setup options. As a web application, Back Office can be accessed anytime form any device with an Internet connection. Front Office is represented by iPad Terminals at the sales locations.

Back Office and Front Office are connected to each other by Internet. For example, if a restaurant manager creates a new dish in Back Office, this dish will be instantly displayed on the list of products available for sale on Front Office Terminal. The Terminals on the other hand remain fully functional even when offline (due to Internet slowdown or power outage) which means that the sales can be performed on Terminal and all the peripheral devices function properly even without Internet connection. All new date (regarding sales for example) will be stored on Terminals and then transferred to Back Office once connectivity is restored.

Quick Resto POS advantages

Quick Resto system does not require a local server. This highly decreases expanses of POS integration into your business. Moreover, powerful remote servers ensure high speed and productivity of Back Office and its interaction with Front Office.

The iPads at sales locations serve as Terminals. A comprehensive user-friendly interface of Quick Resto Terminal App coupled with convenient usability and simplicity of iPads make sure that it takes your staff little to no time to learn how to handle and get the most out of Quick Resto.

Terminals do not require a constant Internet connection to function. All the data can be stored on iPads and later uploaded to Back Office via any form of Internet connection

Back Office is accessible form any device with internet connection. You can monitor and manage your restaurant form anywhere in the world with a lap top, tablet or phone.

There is no need to purchase a license to use Quick Resto POS. A monthly subscription plan prevents a need to make a large one-time payment, thus reducing expenses of opening a restaurant.

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