Creating your Quick Resto Back Office

To create your Back Office please do the following:

  • Open in your Internet browser and click on ‘start free trial’ button.
  • Fill out the registration form and click on ‘get SMS code’ button to get a validation code as a text message sent to the phone number you’ve specified in the form.
  • Enter the code, you’ve received on your phone.
  • Wait for up to 10 minutes (normally it doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes) until Back Office sign in page opens in your browser.
  • To sign in, as username please enter an email, that you used in the registration form, and the password.
Регистрируясь на сервисе Quick Resto, вы принимаете условия лицензионного соглашения
Подождите, происходит установка и настройка вашего облака.